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April Programming

We have seen consistent improvement in form and performance throughout the last month and we want to see those GAINZ continue throughout April! April’s strength cycle is continuation of March so you can expect to see all of the same movements. All of the movements remain the same. The back squats weight will continue to increase. The deadlift volume will also go up as well. Keep in mind that fitness is a lifelong journey and the best way to get better is to stay consistent and injury free!

As for April metcons — we are continuing with a lot of higher volume workouts with low to moderate weight. Memorial day Murph is not too far off and for those of you who are planning on jumping in, we need you and your hands to be ready! With that said, allow yourself a few days to recover from 21.3 for those of you who did it – and especially those of you who experienced some hand trauma. If you’re planning on attacking Murph with a weight vest, don’t forget to bring it on days where we suggest it – and start practicing with it on regularly.

Lastly, please remember that on Sunday April 18 we are having a Fundraiser workout for Coach John Weeks (one of the CFB owners) to support him in his fight with cancer. You can participate in the Tough Temple Super Total or you can workout with us at CFB in our “Beat Cancer” WOD as we help him do just that!


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