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March Programming

March begins a new strength cycle that will continue through April. We are still utilizing the same 10-day template as last month (see link below) but it’s time to change up the lifts. Here’s a peak as to what lifts you can expect to see as well as things you can focus on. Also – we don’t know what the workouts will be on the Fridays during the Open (March 12, 19, and 26) – so watch Games.CrossFit.com and social media on Thursdays for the announcements!

Olympic Lifting Day 1: Power clean + push jerk + split jerk
Focusing on the pushing aspect. The goal is to refine the dip and drive for both jerks, as well as to improve the ability to re-rack heavy weights safely and efficiently. Work on showing control at every step of the recovery of the split jerk by pausing at:
The split position. 
After the front foot steps back.
At the finish position.

Olympic lifting Day 2: 3 position squat snatch
Focusing on achieving full hip extension from increasingly more complex positions (high hang → low hang → floor) without dropping the barbell. Each next position adds complexity, yet it also provides more room to accelerate the barbell and produce additional power. Also working on safely recovering the barbell at the hip between reps. 

Strength Lower Body Day 1: Back squat
Nothing fancy, new or sexy. Starting off with 5×5 and building up towards a heavy triple by the end of April. Lets make the GAINZ!

Strength Lower Body Day 2: Tempo deadlift
Working with a 2-2-4-full reset at the bottom tempo. The goal is to stay relatively light, spending more time under tension and work on maintaining locked spine and shoulders throughout. The tempo reads as follows: 
2 seconds up.
2 seconds hold at the top while squeezing EVERYTHING.
4 seconds down, evenly. Do not speed up towards the bottom.
Full reset means open the hands, re-grip and reset after every rep.
The weight will remain at 70% throughout the whole cycle. Starting with 7×2 every 2 minutes, adding one rep every time. At the end of April we will finish with 7×6 every 3 minutes. 

Strength Upper Body Day 1: Shoulder health and mobility
Each of these movements must be done with light weights and slow without using momentum.
Lateral raise. Keep the elbows slightly bent, palms facing down. Do not go as high as possible which will cause you to shrug. Hands in line with the shoulders, head up, shoulder blades down.
Back fly. Deep hinge position, find your hamstrings and glutes. Do not use momentum, try to control the movement up and down. For best results at the top stop and squeeze shoulder blades together.
Alternating front raise. Palms facing back, moving one arm at a time. Slight bent in the elbow. Feel the muscles around your armpit engaged the whole time. No shrugging.
Max effort handstand hold. NOT max time. The goal is to push as hard as you can through the whole back, pulling the ribs down, feet together and toes pointed.

Strength Upper Body Day 2: Dead stop strict pull-ups & Turkish get-up.
Dead stop strict pull-up means straight arm at the bottom, but do not disengage the shoulder blades. Try to maintain feet together in a hollow hold. Anyone who can do 5+ reps can add weight or work on more volume. Anyone who needs to work towards a strict pull-up yet do negatives.
Turkish get up. The goal is to do 1 rep per side, with a long(3+ seconds) pause at each step of the movement up and down. One rep should take 45-60 seconds. This is a core and shoulder stability work, do not just get it over with! 

Over all there is an increase in the volume of upper body weight movements, especially push-ups and pull-ups. Preparation for Murph. If you plan on doing Murph with a weight vest try to use it once a week in preparation.

2021 March Programming


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