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Late Cancellation Policy

We’ve been having trouble with members signing up for classes and late cancelling or not showing up to class. While we get it that things come up, it’s not fair to the gym or your fellow athletes when you don’t show up for class – there are people that want your spot! We’ve been struggling with this for some time which is why we have posted about in past newsletters and blog posts and unfortunately this situation hasn’t gone away. 

Starting Monday, May 3rd, we will be implementing a $20 late cancellation fee. If you cancel within 60 minutes of class OR open gym or don’t show up, you will be automatically charged. We really don’t want to charge you, so please please please if you can’t make it to class, you need to cancel AT LEAST 60 minutes before class. We take your fitness and class appointments seriously, and we ask for you to do the same out of fairness to us and your fellow athletes. 

Starting THIS Monday, you will be getting an email if you late cancel or do not show up for class. Consider this your 1 month grace period and starting Monday May 3rd, you will get an email and get charged.

Don’t want to incur any extra charges (we don’t want you to either!!!) then the solution is simple – just show up for the classes you sign up for and you don’t have to worry about a thing! The silver lining of the situation is that if enough of people late cancel, you can look forward to some shiny new equipment as we plan to put this money right back into the gym!


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