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Beat Cancer & Support our own

Many of you know John Weeks, one of the owners of CrossFit Bethesda and one of the founders of Tough Temple CrossFit. Last year, John was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. Despite surgery and immunotherapy, it has spread into his lymph nodes. This means more surgery and very aggressive immunotherapy treatment. 

John has been extremely helpful with creating the CFB and TT communities that we all know and love, and it’s time for our community to come together to support him. There are many ways you can show your support – from sending him a message, including him in your thoughts or prayers, attending the Tough Temple Super Total, coming to a workout in his support on Saturday April 18th, or making a donation to help him with all of his expenses. 

Sign up for the Tough Temple Super Total 
In this lifting event, athletes will have 10 minutes for each lift to find their max. The lifts include the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Athletes can take as many attempts at the lift as they like during the 10 minutes with the highest load lifted counting towards their SUPER TOTAL. 

Beat Cancer WOD
Come join us at CFB on Sunday April 18th while we work hard together in our Beat Cancer WOD. This will be a long battle of a WOD and your mental toughness will get you through it while we all stand behind John. Donations are encouraged and we’ll be collecting them at the gym or you can donate online. You by no means need to donate – showing your support by coming for the workout means A LOT – so get your gym shoes, a towel, and your water and sign up for class on Sunday April 18th! Class reservations will open on Sunday April 11 and if classes fill we will add additional times.

Give a donation to help John
Cancer sucks. And so do all of the medical bills that come with it. John is very thankful of his insurance, but lets face it, we all know it doesn’t cover everything. On top of that, John has to take some time away from coaching and personal training at Tough Temple. If John has helped you out and you’re able to help him out, consider a donation to help him out via the Tough Temple Super Total Eventbrite Page or Venmo. 

Send him a message
Sometimes when times get tough, a simple ‘You got this’ can go a long way. If you know John (and even if you don’t), send him a message via social media – facebook or Instagram – maybe it’s a picture of your latest PR (we love seeing you all get stronger, faster, and healthier!), a cute little dog video, or you favorite CrossFit meme!

Now is the time for our community – the community he has helped create – to stand behind him. CrossFit Bethesda merged with Tough Temple Rugby Ave just over 4 years ago. Katie had just purchased CrossFit Bethesda from it’s former owner and decided to join together with Tough Temple and move into our current Cordell Ave location. She has said she couldn’t have done it all over the past 4 years without the help and support of John. It’s time for us to come together, like we do as a CrossFit community to help one of the people that has helped us the most. For more information about what’s going on and a personal message from him, you can click here for more information. There’s so many ways you can be supportive – and as we all know – we’re stronger together and because of each other – so help him out in any way you can!


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