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The Other 165 Nutrition Challenge – Begins February 6!

The New Year is here, so it’s time to dust off those forgotten fitness goals, and get focused. To help you get you started, we’re bringing back “The Other 165 Challenge”. There are 168 hours in a week. Most of us only spend about three of those working out in the gym. What we do during the other 165 hours of the week is just as important to our fitness, and far more important to our overall health and wellbeing.

During the challenge, you will learn how to eat properly for your goals, with a focus on food quality and macronutrient control. There will also be a strong focus on healthy lifestyle habits, such as sleep, ambient activity, and of course exercise. Unlike other challenges, the Other 165 isn’t about competing with others; it’s about challenging yourself to make lasting improvements in the way you use and think about your health. The Challenge is here to provide guidance and a supportive community along your journey.

The Other 165 Challenge will begin on February 6th, and it will run through March 19th. We will release The Other 165 Basics video on February 1st to all Challenge participants so you can be ready to get started on the 6th! There will be two tiers of participation in this Challenge.

You can opt in for the fully coached version where you will work directly with a coach. Your coach will set and update your macros, check in with you weekly, and answer any questions that might come up. In addition, you will have access to our Challenge community via facebook where you can swap questions and successes with fellow challenger takers! If you’re not up weekly checkins or are more a DIY type of person, you can take the self guided approach. In this, you will receive the basic self guided Challenge materials and access to the Challenge community.

Registration for the Other 165 Challenge fully coached version is $119 until January 22, after which it will go up to $139. Registration for the self-guided Challenge is $69, until January 22nd, after which it will go up to $89. Once you register, we will reach out to you with 24 hours to confirm your registration and you will receive access to Challenge materials on February 1st or within 24 hours of registration if you sign up after February 1.

Note – we use our Virtual Gym, The Daily Dose to run our nurtition challenge so you will be registering through a page on The Daily Dose.


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