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September Programming

Last month was our one year anniversary with Coach Ray as our head programmer. It was a great test month and hopefully you all saw improvements to your times, strength, and/or gymnastics!

Over the next month we will be directing our focus toward improving our overhead positioning while strengthening our overhead squat. This is something that is difficult for most of our members due to constantly sitting at a desk and working at a computer. Let’s open it all up and get some more flexion and stability in that spine and those hips!

The much adored 40 min EMOM’s have officially returned, and we will use these among other aerobic training workouts to build up our aerobic capacity again. Additionally, we will begin training our gymnastics capacity over the next couple of months to ease into prepping for the CrossFit Open! This is the time to set clear goals for yourselves. You will see more challenging gymnastics movements, more volume in workouts, or some challenging combinations of movements that you may or may not have attempted before. Remember, it’s not always about how fast you can do a workout, but rather how well you can strategize!

This month, we encourage you to challenge yourselves with movements. If you want to get pull ups, lets drop the band down a level! If you want to get muscle ups, and have been working with bands, lets drop the band down a level and really focus on the hips and the turn over. All of these goals can be discussed with a coach, and we are always here to guide you and support you while coming out of your comfort zone. Shoot us an email ([email protected]) or chat with a coach about goal setting at any time! Let’s start fine tuning for the open, y’all! It’s coming sooner than you think!

Thank you,
Ray Romanick


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