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August Programming

It’s been about a year since we’ve started the new program design and Coach Ray has taken over programming. Over the last year we have received great feedback regarding programming structure from each of you and we have made improvements so that you, our members, are seeing the results you have been asking for. In the last couple of months we have seen PR’s and great improvements in our members fitness.

To really confirm how we appear to be doing and how we have improved over the last year, this month, we decided to repeat workouts from last August/September. Last month we spent more time fine tuning our lifts so hopefully you feel more comfortable, confident, and strong with your Olympic lifting.

As we repeat a lot of workouts from August/September of last year we hope to see that you have made some large improvements, and we hope to get as much feedback from you as possible so we can continue fine tuning the programming. Let’s get it fam! It’s time to test ourselves!

Thank you,
Ray Romanick


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