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2020 Week 8

We are in the middle of our first strength cycle of 2020, so you should be able to start increasing the weights! Once you have the movements down, challenge yourself – and the coaches will be there to help guide you. If you are newer to CrossFit or focusing on your form, be sure to ask us for help! We are also getting started with our Memorial Day Murph prep work, so you can expect to see a workout every week or two with some extra pullups, pushups, and squats!

Mark your calendars for a happy hour next Friday at Momo’s!

The weeks workouts are at the bottom of the page!

Upcoming Events

Friday, February 29th 7pm-??? @ Momo’s
Join us for a winter happy hour at Momo’s as we celebrate our February foundations class graduation. Momo’s is just a few feet away from the box (4862 Cordell Ave), so stop by after you workout or come and stay for a few hours and enjoy the CFB food and drink specials all night long!

IceBreaker 5k Run
This is coming up fast! On February 23rd, CrossFit Bethesda is sponsoring the Whitman High School 5k, and we would love to see some CFB athletes at the run. This is a great opportunity to get in a “pre-summer” race and run your heart out while helping support Children’s National with Whitman High School!

Mobility for Athletes – Lower Body
February 22 @ Tough Temple CrossFit
Led by Coach Aaron of the Tough Temple Barbell Club, this course will spend 90 minutes going over different ways to mobility the lower body. If you’re looking for new ways to help get some depth or get your hips to loosen up, this is for you!

MoCo Throwdown
Saturday 4/25 @ CrossFit Germantown
Grab 2 friends to form a team (either MMF or MFF) for the 2020 MoCo Throwdown! The event will be April 25th at CrossFit Germantown hosted by the Montgomery County Affiliate Association. Come and show off your skills and strength!

Barbell Fundamentals
April 24-25, 2-5pm @ CFB
Feel like your snatches, cleans, and jerks need work? Always wanted to try Olympic weightlifting? Just want to learn to move better and be stronger? If so, come give barbell club a try!
Over two days you will learn the basics of the Olympic lifts — the snatch and the clean and jerk – as well as progressions and drills to work on your weaknesses. After this fundamentals class, enjoy a free month of Barbell Club to hone your newly learned skills. Sign up by clicking on the link!

Memorial Day Ruck to Remember
May 22-25
Join member Luke Kovacs for Ruck to Remember. The Ruck to Remember’s mission is to Honor, those that sacrifice all & Empower & Inspire our Veteran community coming home wearing the wounds of war. This will be the 10th year and it is one of those experiences you won’t forget. There are different mileage options, from 2 miles to 60 miles. Luke Kovacs is a team leader and will help you along – reach out to him at [email protected] if you are interested!


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