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2020 Week 6

This week we have a line up of great workouts that include a bit of everything. Each day has it’s own challenge and the workouts flow together from one day to the next with 1 exception! On Saturday, we have a heavy set of 5 deadlifts and Sunday is Diane. Usually we see people come for either or Saturday or Sunday, but if you plan to come both days think about scaling one of the days. If you truly max out 5 reps on our deadlifts and come and hit it hard the next say with Diane, you might be feeling it on Monday – so be smart, as always, and respect your body!

Upcoming Events

Mobility for Athletes – Lower Body
February 22 @ Tough Temple CrossFit
Led by Coach Aaron of the Tough Temple Barbell Club, this course will spend 90 minutes going over different ways to mobility the lower body. If you’re looking for new ways to help get some depth or get your hips to loosen up, this is for you!

MoCo Throwdown
Grab 2 friends to form a team (either MMF or MFF) for the 2020 MoCo Throwdown! The event will be April 25th at CrossFit Germantown hosted by the Montgomery County Affiliate Association. Come and show off your skills and strength!

Workouts below.


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