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The CrossFit Open 2023 – What is it & Why should I participate?

It has returned!!! The Open is back and we are READY! For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Open, or are brand new to CrossFit, “The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games season kicks off with the CrossFit Open, a three-week international competition where anyone — regardless of fitness level or ability — can compete in the biggest fitness competition in history.

Join hundreds of thousands of participants for the Open which begins on February 16th.” Read this article for more info and why the open is for YOU.

The beauty of the Open is that independent of fitness level, it brings us together to pursue something that would not hold the same meaning or possibilities if we were just working out on our own. Whether you came to CrossFit to improve your health or pursue competitive aspirations, we all ended up getting a second family — our CrossFit family. The camaraderie and support in this sport is unparalleled.

You can sign up HERE! Don’t forget to select CrossFit Bethesda as your CrossFit Affiliate!

Check out this YouTube video explaining the 2023 CrossFit Open!

The weeks leading up will keep getting you ready for the Open, so work hard and rest harder!!

At CFB it gets even better. Friday Night Lights is BACK! YAY!!! We can’t wait for this year to be even more fun!

Get ready for the CFB Open Team Series at CFB! The CrossFit Open is meant for you to challenge yourself while having a blast with your buddies at the gym. We encourage you to sign up for the Open with CrossFit.com, AND we will be having our own CrossFit Open Party at the gym. We are hoping to have every one of you sign up for the CrossFit Bethesda Open and we look forward to you being at our three Friday Night Lights events – every Friday from 2/16 through 3/03!

What to Expect:
– You will be randomly drafted to a team.
– Each Team will have an assigned coach.
– Each Friday night lights your team will have a chance to earn MADDDD points.
– Overall podium prizes will be given to each winning M/F for each division.
– The winning team with the most points wins the CFB CUP!

When is Friday Night Lights?
– February 17th (4-8pm)
– February 24th (4-8pm)
– March 3rd (4-8pm) BIG PARTY/DJ/FOOD

Friday Night Lights Themes:
– February 17th (4-8pm) Sports Team
– February 24th (4-8pm) Superheros
– March 3rd (4-8pm) Tikibar Luau

Points will be given out for:
– Swag or Spirit. (For EVERY article of clothing that fits the theme you will get one point. i.e. if you wore a bandana, hat, sweat bands, shorts, shirts, socks(1 pt/pair), and cape that all fit the theme your team will earn 7pts.) Theme details above.
– 1pt for completing the workout @ any time
– 3pts for completing the workout @ FNL (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm each Friday evening)
– 5 pts is awarded to the top M/F athlete in every division.
– 1 pt for tagging us in a post using #cfbopen23
– 5 pts for getting your judges certificate
– 5 pts if you bring guests to FNL (each)
– 5 pts per guest who does the workout
– 10 pts per google/FB/yelp review (per person-valid once each)
– If you cant make the Friday Night Lights you can still do the workout by the Monday deadline for 1pt – talk with your Coach to set up a time!

You will be responsible for submitting your participation scores weekly! If you don’t submit, you don’t get points! Submit FNL participation here.

More Information:

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