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October Programming

October is here as we continue our journey building capacity and strict movement strength. We hope you have been enjoying the new programming and are starting to see results!

Over the next month we will continue to have the same mindset of focusing on quality movements and pacing. Each week you will see the same rotation of main movements making sure we hit a squat, deadlift, snatch variation, clean variation, an aerobic day, a pump sesh accessory day and then of course have our cardio Sunday’s.

Instead of performing a lot of heavy singles (HS), for our big movements, we will be moving onto mainly heavy doubles and triples (H2,H3) as we prepare our bodies for higher rep ranges. You will come across workouts that have high volume movements such as deadlifts. We want you to focus on QUALITY and never breaking down your form in order to go faster. Remember, we want to work hard but stay in control of our bodies and our breath. If that means taking an extra second to catch your breath in order to execute a movement perfectly then please do so!

In training we want to continue to build our 70-80% effort and only focus on that high intense maximal effort occasionally. Once a week you will see a “go” workout which means go for it and test yourself. Make sure as we progress into some higher volume training you are taking the extra time at home to stretch and recover. We cannot overemphaize the importance of this and listenting to your body (not your ego!) during your sets. With that said, enjoy the challenge of pushing your body to new limits!


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