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Metcon Rush

For those of you who haven’t heard, there is an upcoming local competition hosted annually in Hagerstown on August 13th and 14th which a bunch of us have signed up for! Here are all of the details on schedules, workouts, and CFB teams/individuals! Check out their website to purchase spectator tickets here.

Location: Hagerstown Community College
Athlete check in is from 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. We will have an area where CFB is located in the gymnasium. This is where we will all gather and meet in between events.

Individuals Competing:
Ray Romanick
Stephen Vassallo
Wes Peters

Rx Teams Competing:
Lil’ Shorty’s (Diana and Yvonne)

Scaled Teams Competing:
AM Squared (Aneesha Manocha and Aninda Manocha)
Just two Dudes (Baden Reed and Juan Gonzalez)
The Billbos (Bill Davies and Bo Saunders)
Run Like the Winded (Julia Kwon and Katie Delorenzo)

Masters 45+ Teams Competing:
Really Rottens (James Heltzer and Michael Chatlin)
Def Jan (Dan Drayton and Jeff Rogers)

Check out heat times below, workouts for elite individuals (IE), Rx Teams, and scaled/masters (TE), workouts below. The full schedule for the weekend is at the bottom.

We hope to see you there, cheering our members on, and look forward to a fun community filled and competitive weekend!


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