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Meet Coach Taz

I have always enjoyed team sports and loved playing soccer when I was younger. After being involved in soccer I did not pay much attention to my health or general fitness and ended up not only becoming physically unfit but also did not realize the effect it had on me mentally. After living almost my entire adolescent life in the Middle East and then moving back to the US on my own to study and live here, I decided I was going to find my fitness once more. After many “phases” with the classic bodybuilding style bro-split style workouts (back and tricep day, anyone?) I discovered powerlifting and became a complete gym rat. After that “phase”, I decided that I want to work on my overall athleticism and discovered CrossFit through one of my good friends I had made through the gym. Since then, CrossFit has introduced me to my ultimate love of weightlifting and has remained a prominent part of my day-to-day life.

Throughout my fitness journey, I became obsessed with researching ways to optimize my fitness and have received coaching on many aspects from many impressive people. This inspired me to get my L1 online so that I may begin my coaching career and start to help people the same way I was helped. I really enjoyed the L1 course because it really provided some great information on how to help people with learning foundational movements, progression, and gave an idea of how to approach one’s fitness outside the gym. 

Outside of the gym I am currently a Master’s student in Clinical Psychology whose main goal in life is to help people realize their utmost potential. I think fitness and mental health have an immense connection to one another and I think my own personal experience as well many others can attest to this fact. I’m excited to learn and grow (both literally and figuratively) with everyone at CFB while we find, refine and optimize our fitness together!

-Coach Taz


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