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When in Maryland on Halloween, one is bound to end up at some Halloween scare fest of sorts. This year, it was Markoff’s. As tickets were so quick to sell out, only a few of us were able to make it out there and it was AWESOME!

I think the group was pleasantly surprised at how well the forest was set up. The communal area alone was fantastic- bonfires, food, music, and activities like axe throwing! We weren’t permitted to take photos while on the trail, nor would we have been able to…we were busy screaming at the numerous people jumping out at us repeatedly! No one wanted to be in front. I’m not ashamed to say I (Diana) was a total wuss when first walking into the forest. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY CAN TOUCH ME?!?” Yeah, I’ve had prouder moments. I blame Raymond. He so graciously kept reminding us that this is when the crazies come out disguised as actors and actually complete the deed. Yeah, no, I’m fine- everything is fine.

Apparently at Markoff’s, the actors are permitted to touch you. If you aren’t a fan of this, you would have lost your mind – literally. We all screamed (very high-pitched screams might I add) when being chased and cornered by chainsaws, and some of us were even touched by them! People grabbed at our legs, arms, and bodies. They even followed us from scene to scene along the trail whispering in our ears. Pleased to report that all of the fitness we do really helped my endurance here. I was 100% alert for the entire 40 minute walk! It really doesn’t get better than this folks. This was truly one to remember. I think we should make this an annual thing. What do you say? Are you brave enough?

Check out photos we took in the communal area where we waited for our number to be called!


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