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January Programming

Happy new year!! It’s January and you know what that means? It’s OPEN SEASON!

For those of you who don’t know what the “open” is, it is a world wide online competition, starting February 24th, that almost every CrossFit gym around the world participates in. Every week for 3 weeks CrossFit HQ releases a workout Thursday evening and you have until Monday evening to complete it. The “open” is open to everyone as there are different divisions such as Rx, scaled, masters and even an adaptive division.

We encourage everyone to participate so you can test your fitness and training against others around the globe! As a community we will be doing the workouts on Friday for classes, however, if you can not make a Friday class feel free to do the workout another time during open gym before Monday!

Now, what does this mean for January programming? The main focus will be to build our engines and gymnastic capabilities, focusing on 5-20 min time domains in metcon’s. This is usually how long open workouts are, and they are usually pretty high intensity, so we want you to be as prepared as possible! We will be retesting past open workouts so you can get an idea of what the workouts will feel like.

You will probably be surprised at how prepared our programming has already made you over the past few months! You will also see a little more focus on technique work for our Olympic lifts as there is usually an oly lift tossed in there as well.

We will refine our heavy lifts by hitting heavy singles and doubles again in case there is a max lift in the open. Throughout the week we will still continue to have our aerobic days and our pump sessions to make sure we are keeping the shoulders healthy and our lungs working!

Make sure you eat healthy, rest your body when you need, and get some extra stretching sessions leading into the open! Check out the GOWOD app for some nice daily mobility work you can do at home! Let’s get fit!! ITS OPEN SEASON!!!!

Thank you,
Ray Romanick


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