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February Programming

It’s February and that means it’s finally here, THE OPEN!

Every week for 3 weeks CrossFit HQ releases a workout on Thursday evening and you have until Monday evening to complete it. The “open” is available to everyone as there are many different divisions such as Rx, scaled, masters and even adaptive division. We encourage everyone to participate so you can test your fitness compared to others around the globe and hold yourself accountable to challenge yourself in ways you otherwise wouldn’t on your own! Read more about the open and how to sign up via our Open blog post.

Now, what does this mean for February programming?

The first few weeks of the month we will retest prior years open workouts on Fridays as if we are competing in the CrossFit open. SO MUCH FUN! This will will make the big reveal less overwhelming as we will already have tested the structure of open workouts in prior weeks leading up to Week 1. Once Week 1’s workout is released, we will join together and complete the workout as a gym all together. Be sure to read our open blog post about our Friday Night Lights Event!

To summarize, the main focus of February’s programming will be to continue fine tuning our engines and gymnastic capabilities while focusing on those short to medium time domains in metcon’s. The plan is to continue prepping you mentally and physically for these workouts that begin on the 24th of February!

What about the structure? Monday through Wednesday will be normal “high volume” training days. Thursday will be a light aerobic day with technique work built in. If you can’t make it to a Friday workout, no sweat-feel free to do the workout another time during open gym before Monday!

Make sure you are holding yourself accountable to proper standards to prevent no reps!

What does this mean? Squat depth below parallel, full lockout of the elbows for overhead movements with head in line with shoulders, etc. Be ready for coaches to crack down on full range of motion standards! We judge one another during the open and whether you’re signed up or not, we all complete the workouts on Friday’s together. YASSS!

Make sure you eat healthy, rest your body when you need to, and get some extra stretching sessions leading up to the open! Check out the GOWOD app for some nice daily mobility work you can do at home! Let’s get fit!! ITS OPEN SEASON!!!!

Thank you,

Ray Romanick


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