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August Programming

We have one more month left to continue on with the cycle that began in July. For the sumo deadlifts and back squats, we’ll see some of the percentages increase as the volume decreases. With summer vacations and travel in mind be sure to use lesser percentages if you have not been consistent with the cycle!

The upper body push day will continue with 5×5 bench press and shoulder stability with bottoms up KB. Be mindful to maintain leg tension and shoulder blades contact with the bench. To keep the back arched you are welcome to try using an abmat under the lower back – talk with your coach. 

On the upper body pull day try the work on full extension in the chin ups, max tension at the top of the ring row and smooth pull and lower on the high pull. 

Lastly, with your snatches, we want you to be sure you are getting low and staying tight in the receiving position. We’re much more interested in working with you to attain stability than any PRs – remember, work the form first and the intensity (i.e. weight) will follow! For you cleans (and the clean complex), think about the timing of your hip extension – get tall (i.e. full hip extension) before you drop under the bar. 

Of course, we don’t expect you to remember all these things, and we’ll be there to coach you and remind you of how to make the most of your workouts. Stronger everyday!


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