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2019 Week 42

Congratulations on the first week of the 2020 CrossFit Open! Just like last week, all classes this Friday will be doing the 20.2 workout which will be announced on Thursday evening at 8pm EST. While we don’t know what 20.2 holds, we know there won’t be any snatches or burpees over the bar!

As the Open progresses, we can better anticipate what kinds of movements we might see in the workouts and we will program for the week accodingly. Remember if you are participating in the Open and are serious about your workouts, consider taking Thursday as a rest day so you’re ready for it!

Lastly – Friday night we will again have heats instead of classes. Please sign up for your heat to be sure you have a spot and be ready for 3-2-1-GO at the time you signed up for. That means if you sign up for a 5:30pm time, come 20-30 minutes early to get warmed up in the back.


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