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The PYSA Campaign

It’s back fit fam! A new campaign has arrived and it’s called the Put Your Stuff Away (PYSA ‘pronounced Peesah’) Campaign! 

It’s been so great having all of you back in the gym and we want to keep it that way! In addition to keeping our gym clean and safe, let’s keep it organized! After all, a clean gym is a happy gym. 🙂

The six foot restrictions have forced us to put more equipment in each box. Unfortunately, that means it’s easy to just shove everything against the wall and head out after your workout. Fortunately, we are cross-fitters and we don’t like to settle for the easy way out. 😉

With that said, here are the new guidelines:

  1. Rig area: rower on the left, boxes on the right.

2. Mops, wipes, spray bottles, PVC pipes, and caddies all go in between the boxes in their designated squares.

3. All markers and whiteboards go back in the caddies in each square.

4. Back and side areas without the Rig: from left: box, stands, rower. 

5. All flat benches go back on the wall. If you take it down, you put it back up. Do the work and finish it.

6. All incline benches and black boxes go on the wall next to the oly barbells.

7. All 30# wall balls go above the KG plates.

8. All 14# and 20# wall balls go above the LB plates on the racks.

9. All 6#, 8#, and 10# light wall balls go on the wall mounted shelves above the heavy DB’s. These are not for heavy wall balls! The wall cannot sustain that weight!

10. All plates go on the rack in an upward fashion. No laying plates flat or angling them so much that they don’t all fit. Straighten them out, they are not to be left on the floor. 

11. Foam rollers and ab mats go back where they belong by the coach’s kiosk in an upright fashion facing the same direction. 

Thank you for helping us keep our space clean and organized for you. We love seeing all of you work hard and we want to keep our space looking as awesome as all of you.


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