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The Labor of Love

CrossFit Bethesda is a business. Like any business, it needs to make money to exist. That isn’t the reason that our community exists. CrossFit is the type of place that attracts people that care about the well being of others – not those that are trying to be millionaires. The type of person who thrives as a CrossFit coach, is the person that does whatever it takes to make it work.

Our team at CFB have done most of what you see in the gym with our own hands. We can’t afford to hire people to provide services for everything. From painting the walls, installing the floors, handmade med ball shelfs, assembling and installing the rig, bikes, etc. We have done everything short of the electric and plumbing. 

We do all of that, because we care. We want you, our members to walk in our box and have the best experience we can provide. March 2020 we were planning to replace our weightlifting platforms. Then, COVID happened. We survived as a business thanks to your amazing and generous support throughout the tough times. No words can express our gratitude!

We worked hard to keep our new platforms a secret and a surprise . They are overdue, but we wanted to do them right. It is our way to show we appreciate our community. We are looking forward to many PRs. This is how we say “Thank you for being a part of our community. We truly appreciate you!”


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