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September Programming

A new month means new programming AND with Yav embarking on his adventures, Ray will be taking over as our Director of Programming. The coaching staff has spent the last few months discussing how we want to shape the programming over the next months and years to get YOU in the BEST shape of your life – safely and effectively. Over the next few weeks and months, we will work to communicate our strategy to help get you that extra motivation to keep coming in and progressing!

The focus of the next couple of months is to build the capacity and our engines. We want you to build the capacity to handle more volume, bigger sets and higher skill movements. We will also build a solid foundation of aerobic capacity and strict movement strength.

Here’s what Coach Ray has to say about how to plan for and attack the next month’s WODS:

In order to get better I truly believe we cannot come in the gym everyday going as hard as possible. We have to build our 70-80% level more so than focus on our 100% max effort level. I want you to look at most of these metcons and focus on the quality of the movements and NOT going all out 100%. We want to be working hard yet staying in control of our breath and movement. You’re going to see things such as “for effort” “for quality” and that means exactly what it says. Once a week, or every other week, we will really push that high intensity and kind of “go for it” which is when I want you to go as hard as you can – but NOT everyday!!!

Instead of the 10 day cycle we have been used to, we’ve changed things up so we can cycle through all the main movements every 6 days. Each day will also compliment the training day before and the one after so that way movements do not clash. Each week we will do a variation of squat, snatch, clean, deadlift, have an aerobic day and have an accessory day. I’ve also added in some fun partner throw downs that I think you’ll enjoy. Let’s get fit!!

Thank you,
Ray Romanick


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