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Schaeffer Farms Service Day

It would have been hard to pick a hotter day for our service day, at the Schaeffer Farms Trail. By 9am, the temperature was already approaching 90 degrees. Having grown up in Maryland, the summer heat doesn’t bother me too much, but I had to laugh.

Coach Chris and Michael, with Dave and the guys from MORE

We met Dave Magill, the trail maintenance organizer from the Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts (MORE), at the Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Park trailhead. Dave had brought a few guys with him, and they equipped us with battery and gas powered hedge trimmers, and we headed out on the trail.

From there, we spent the next four hours cutting back and clearing brush from various sections of the trail. Sundays are a busy day on the trail, and we encountered more than a fair amount of bike traffic out on the trails. Everyone who passed was polite and courteous, and not a one failed to thank us profusely for the work we were doing.

If you like to hike or mountain bike on local trails, please keep in mind that most of the trails in the area are maintained by volunteers. If you’re ever out on the trail, and you see that it’s maybe in need of some upkeep, consider volunteering.


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