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No Show Fee

Hopefully the title got you to click on this – read on!

We have noticed a growing number of ‘No Shows’ when someone reserves a class and then doesn’t show up. Because we are limited on the number of athlets we can comfortable and safely have working out at the same time, this creates a problem for us. It makes me feel terrible when we have people on a waitlist to get into class and then in class we have 2-4 open spots!

Athletes can register for class between 72 hours and 30 minutes until a class. If you register for class and to need to cancel (we get it – it happens to us all!), we need you to do so 60 minutes before class. If we keep having an at times sizeable number of ‘No-Shows’, we will need to implement a no show fee. Please note – this applies to all classes and open gym slots. Again, if you sign up and cancel a head of time you would not be charged. So to help us avoid the ‘No Show’ fee, please be sure to cancel if you can’t make it to class!


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