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Memorial Day Murph & Meet Up

Hey CFB fam! The time is almost upon us for the much awaited Memorial Day Murph! All of those pull ups, push ups, and air squats are finally going to pay off in two weeks. I know you’re just as excited for Murph as we are! 

Murph heats will run on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31st at 6:30am, 8am, and 9:30am. You must register for a heat! Following the completion of the last heat, we’re planning to head over to the Bethesda Streetery by 11am for a post- Murph brunch. We will have a couple of snack trays – so bring your own drinks and/or patronize a local restaurant.

In case you’re unfamiliar, “Murph” is a classic CrossFit hero WOD. Hero WOD’s are made by CrossFit to honor the men and women that have fallen in the line of duty. Murph is in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

*With a 20 lb Vest or Body Armor

Of course we have many ways to scale this workout to make sure it works for you – so don’t be intimidated. ALSO – you have been training for this for the past 4 months and I know all of you can take this on! This workout itself was Lieutenant Michael Murphy’s favorites – which at the time referred to it as “Body Armor” (hence the 20 lb vest or body armor). Anyhow, CrossFitters synonymously around the world pay special tribute to Lieutenant Murphy by joining together and suffering through this workout – and many gyms around the US will be doing it on Memorial Day.

Please be sure to sign in to one of our heats at 6:30 am, 8:00 am, and 9:30 am! We can’t wait to see you all CRUSH it this year in honor of Lieutenant Murphy and all those we have lost.


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