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May Programming

Happy Spring everyone! It is time to get outside and get after it in the nice weather we will be having. Our May programming will have a conditioning focus with lots of running at various distances! 200s, 400s, 800s and miles. Murph is coming!

For lifting we will be continuing our linear progressions for deadlifts and snatches with the addition of overhead squats to work on overhead mobility, positions, and strength. We will be segmenting the clean and jerk by using clean pulls, front squats and push press/push jerks to get stronger in different portions of the lift and then we will be doing a progression for the clean and jerk in June!  

For our gymnastics movements we will be working on pistol squats, weighted pulls/strict pull ups and cross-overs to practice a fun new skill.  

Also- May 13th, our Saturday, class will look a little different! To change it up and take a break from all the heavy lifting from that week we will be doing a fun “CrossFit Bethesda Field Day” with multiple events that we do not typically see in CrossFit, but rather in sports combine.

The events are: establish a max height box jump, establish a max distance broad jump, establish the fastest (5-10-5) Shuttle Run Test possible, then we will team up for a Team Tic-Tac-Toe Relay Race! (Best 2/3). Lastly, we will hold a Plank Competition: whoever holds the longest plank, wins! We test our fitness all the time and need to remember to have fun with it as well!

Following this fun-packed day we will have a Mothers Day WOD for a mom-and-me style workout! Bring your moms and daughters and lets throw down with our moms who are the superheroes of our lives! (Coach D’s words)

Looking forward to crushing it with you all this month and to compete in some of the fun metcons programmed!  

-Coach Luke


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