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May Programming

Over the past month or so we have been doing a lot of paused back squats and front squats in order to build some strong posture strength. We have also been working on accumulating volume in our overhead squat to help us with better positioning in our snatches.

This month we will continue to work on our overhead squat strength, however, decreasing the reps slightly to start putting up heavier loads. We will also utilize our increased posture strength from all of the paused squats and begin adding some volume. You will see heavy 10’s a lot over the next month before we make our way back down to find new 1RM’s. This will help us get more training volume on our legs so we can hopefully hit some new PR’s soon! Additionally, this will prep us for all of the air squats to come on Memorial Day!

For our metcons we will continue having our most loved 40 minute EMOMs once a week and start including more sandbag work! Sandbags are a great tool to develop core strength and work your body differently than a barbell or dumbbell. Great way to get ready for summer yard work- not to mention FUN!!


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