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December Programming

So guys, it’s been a little over a year since Coach Ray took over programming for CFB. We decided, given the feedback we have received over the last few months, to let Coach Luke give programming a whirl and change things up a bit. We know how much you all love change! 😉 Check out what Coach Luke said about this months programming below. Let’s send out the year with a bang!

December Programming Goals:  

Mondays we will be focusing on Olympic Lifting complexes to dial in our form and technique with the Olympic lifts: the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.
Tuesdays, our main focus will be improving our gymnastics skills with EMOM’s and instructional clinics led by our coaches to refine your kipping techniques.
Wednesdays will be strength based. We will be finishing off our Shoulder Press strength cycle in the second week of this month to hopefully hit some new PR’s at around 103% of your old numbers!
Thursdays we will have a throwdown this is going to be a qualifier style or open style workout that will take place in the beginning of each class on Thursday. It is placed at the beginning for you to put 100% effort without being fatigued from lifting beforehand. The Open is approaching and our Thursday throwdowns should prepare you for the style of workouts the Open produces.
Fridays will be strength based to finish out the Shoulder Press strength cycle for the first two weeks. It will then transition to aerobic or long EMOM workouts.
Every Saturday we will do a partner workout so make sure to sign up with a friend and crush those workouts! 

We look forward to your feedback on our December programming! Check it out below.


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