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Class Size Changes & Gym Layout

We are slowly increasing class sizes while making sure athletes can maintain distance and safety! Effective Sunday, July 11, classes will be capped at the numbers below and we are removing the taped boxes from the gym. Distance will still be maintained between athletes (please keep your distance from others!), and if you would like extra distance we will have a couple of spaces where you can get that extra distance. Athletes can share bars during lifts and if you do not want to share a bar with anyone, you are always welcome to use your own. In some circumstances (i.e. bench press day), we may substitute the movement with something similar (i.e. bench press can be substutited with dumbbell bench press or floor press) to ensure your body receives the intended stimulus but you remain comfortable. Thank you for working with us throughout the last year and a half!

Class Caps Beginning Sunday July 11

Monday – Friday
5:15am: 18
6:30am: 18
7:45am: 12
9:30am: 12
Noon: 12
4pm: 12
5:15pm: 18
6:30pm: 15

Saturday & Sunday
7:30am: 18
8:45am: 18
10am: 18

Open Gym
Monday – Friday
7:45am: 3
9:30am: 3
10:30am: 8
Noon: 3
1:15pm: 8
2:30pm: 8
4pm: 3
6:30pm: 3

1pm: 3
2pm: 12


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