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Build Those Skills!

This past week’s Rope Climb Workshop was a huge success. We had several people get their first rope climb, while others made steps along the progression and got a better understanding of the areas that are holding them back.

Our monthly Skills Workshops are a great opportunity to work on and improve areas of performance. In classes, we may only have a few minutes to review or do drills for a particular movement. During workouts, the opportunities for coaches to offer feedback can be limited, and some athletes may feel pigeonholed into a particular progression of a movement or skill, to keep up with the flow of a metcon.

Skills Workshops offer you the opportunity to spend a full 90 minutes working on one skill. You will learn about the underlying capacities that both limit and drive that movement, and how you can improve those areas. You will spend time drilling the movement and all of its variations, allowing you greater opportunity to take the next step in your progression.

The focus of our next Skills Workshop will be Rowing. Come learn how to improve the power and efficiency of your rowing stroke, so you can become a better rower. The Rowing Workshop will be on Sunday, September 19th, from 1-2:30pm. Registration is $20 for members, and $30 for non members. Sign up here.


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