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April Programming

The Open/Quarterfinals is over! I hope everyone enjoyed their experience and felt like they performed well!

The Open/Quarterfinals can be an eye opening experience for a lot of people as far as recognizing ones accomplishments and discovering new areas for improvement. This should not discourage you, in fact, it should excite you! We get to work out and do cool things as adults, with great people. We all have things to improve upon, and now we get to hammer those deficiencies so we can all CRUSH next years season!

Over the next few months we will be completing a few linear progression strength cycles for some of the core lifts. ITS GAINZ SEASON!

In April, specifically, we will be focusing on four primary strength movements. These are snatch, back squat, bench press and deadlifts. As the weeks progress, the intensity will increase for these lifts to build strength and confidence in high percentage work.

Along with our primary strength components, our other focus will be gymnastics capacities and pushing our envelopes to complete larger sets of movements such as toes to bar, pull ups and handstand push-ups. The goal is to complete larger sets with ease (isn’t it always ;)). Let’s get after it!   

-Coach Luke


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