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2020 Week 14

We are entering our third week of our temporary closure and we couldn’t miss you more! It’s SO fun to see you do the live workouts with us, and we love any and all communication we are getting from you. We deeply appreciated your support of our community and if you find yourself needing to freeze or cancel you membership, please do not hesitate to reach out.

This week, we are offering all members Virtual Coaching sessions via Zoom with Coach Katie, Coach Chris, or Coach Yav. We are starting out with 20 minute sessions where you can ask us anything – or just say hi! Some things you could use this time for would be to:

  • ask us to check out your form
  • ask for advice on how to better utilize our programming with the equipment you have
  • ask for personalized programming to target something specific
  • Anything else!!

You can schedule these at this link and we will follow up with a link to the Zoom meeting. If we need more than 20 mintues, we will certainly find the time to get you the answers, coaching, or programming you are looking for – and we can schedule extra time with you as needed. As always, if you have questions or any trouble, send us an email to [email protected]. We can’t wait to see you!!

Workouts for the week will be posted to Wodify the evening before at 8pm. As a resource, below is a list of how to stay involved and moving!

How to find our content

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Workouts of the Day

2 workouts are posted each day on Wodify and available to see the evening before at 8pm. The InstaWOD will use a single dumbbell and/or kettlebell and the At-Home WOD will be a bodyweight workout. You can sign into the classes in Wodify in the class “At-Home WOD” – this class will not count against any punch cards.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

We are offering all members virtual coaching sessions with Coach Katie, Coach Chris, or Coach Yav. These are 20 minute one on one sessions via Zoom video conferencing where you can ask us to check out your form, ask for advice on how to better utilize our programming with the equipment you have, ask for personalized programming to target something specific, or just say hi! You can schedule a session here and we will email you with a link for your Zoom session. Please note – this offering is still in it’s “Beta phase” so any feedback about the process is welcome!!

Weekly CFB Swag Drawing

For each day you post your score in Wodify, you will get one entry to our weekly CFB swag drawing! On Sundays, we will choose one lucky winner at random who will receive a CFB Nalgene, t-shirt, or tank (must have the merch in stock!). Get your WOD on and don’t forget to log your results!

LIVE InstaWODs and LIVE Daily Mobility

Join us for the LIVE InstaWOD on Instagram Live at 8am each day. Coaches will rotate and sometimes you’ll get 2 (or 3?!) of us together. InstaWODs use a dumbbell and/or kettlebell, so grab a heavy object if you can. If you don’t have a heavy object, we will try to always mention different modifications on how to make the InstaWODs into bodyweight workouts. 

If you can’t get enough of us with the am WOD, come back for a LIVE 5pm Daily Mobility class on Instagram Live. Join us for a 15-30 minute flow to stay loose, improve your mobility, and find stability in your body and life! 

On-Demand InstaWOD and Daily Mobility

In case you missed us live, the InstaWODS and Daily Mobility sessions will be posted to our Youtube channel following the classes. If you haven’t already, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our channel by clicking here and clicking on “SUBSCRIBE”!! If it’s past the day the InstaWOD was posted, you won’t be able to log your scores in Wodify, but you will still reap all of the benefits of the workout!  

At-Home Strength Series

Looking to get in some good strength workouts without the barbell? In this series, we are constantly adding content about inexpensive things you may already have or can get at a Home Depot or Lowes and how to make various strength equipment. Using these items, we have recommended strength programming that you can do anytime to compliment our InstaWODs. 

Sprinting WODs

Spring is here!! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and some of you are looking for ways to get OUTSIDE! Each week, we will have at least 2 sprinting workouts that you can do outside. Grab your favorite running shoes, find a local field or even an empty street (watch for cars!!!), and use these sprint workouts to improve your speed.

Movement Prep Videos & Points of Performance

What’s CrossFit without some movements tips and coaches working with you to improve your movement patterns?!?! Since we can be there next to you while you workout, we will be posting videos detailing some of the specifics of different movements. Watch these videos and try to take 1-3 pointers from them and put those pointers to use when you next see the movements!

Personalized Programming & Accountability

Worried about staying on top of your workouts? Let us help!! If you would like us to make sure you’re getting workouts in, please please send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We will match you with a coach that will help you develop and stick with a plan. Additionally, if you have any bad habits in your form that you’re trying to kick, we are happy to set you up with some additional exercises. Lastly, if you have some of your own equipment at home and would like personalized programming to use that equipment, we are happy to send your personalized programming. 


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