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2019 Week 38

Some more tough ones this week with two “Mental Toughness Days”. Have some fun with these extra long workouts and see how hard you can (safely!) push yourself. Sometimes it’s more about staying strong mentally than anything else, and there are two workouts to test that this week!

We updated the programming to give you a bit more information about the method we use. You may have taken a look at the current program template we are using for this 4-month cycle (attached again below for a refresher) – but every day has it’s priority. We often communicate this at the beginning of class, but if we forget to emphasize or you miss it, just ask us! If you ever have questions about the programming, ask your coach or send an email to [email protected] and we can chat! Also – if you’re curious where you should go hard on any given day, just ask and we can help you best direct your energy!


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