Aerobic Capacity Workouts: 4/27/20-5/2/20

Row 12-24 sets, for max meters
30 seconds max effort
60 seconds recovery pace

10 sets, each for time:
Air Bike 15/12 Cal
35 double unders
7 handstand push-ups
1 minute rest

2-3 sets
Row 2000 meters
4 minute rest

A. On the AirBike, after a light warmup, perform a 10 second max effort, for Calories. Take this number and double it. Use the resulting number for part B.
-rest 2-3 minutes-
B. Every minute on the minute, for four minutes, Air Bike for the number of Calories resulting from Part A. After the four minute EMOM, rest exactly two minutes. Repeat for three additional sets of four reps, with two minutes rest between sets.

3 rounds, for time:
Row 1000 meters
50 kettlebell swings
25 burpees

Air Bike 20 minutes, for max Calories

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