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Take the first step to becoming a better you. We'll assess your current level of fitness, discuss your personal goals, and help you decide which of our programs best meet your needs.

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CrossFit Classes

Get ready to be in the best shape of your life. In our CrossFit classes, you'll learn to do things you never thought you were capable of. This is the next level of fitness.

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Barbell Club

Whether you want to compete, improve your technique, or just get stronger, our USA Weightlifting registered club is the place for you.

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Personal Training

There is nothing more effective than working directly with someone who has your specific goals in mind. Let one of our expert trainers design a program just for you.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Jillian Humphreys -
I initially wanted something that would supplement my triathlon training and was looking for something else since the regular globo gym am entities and classes weren't doing it for me. CrossFit feels like playtime and recess and the best of gym class all rolled into one.

Sandy Gentles -
My advice is that Crossfit Bethesda is a unique blend of coaching excellence, fun and exercise that will help you come back again and again and surpass those goals that you have set for yourself

Jillian Humphreys -
Try it out and also try different gyms before you settle on one. Make sure the coaches are intent are keeping you safe, emphasize good form, and don't try to kill their students. Also pick a gym that had a vibrant community life and that offers activities and programs in addition to classes that help you achieve your personal fitness goals

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