It all starts here. Our Foundations program is the most comprehensive instructional program in the business. Over the course of this series, you will learn all of the movements and skills necessary to begin taking our regular CrossFit classes. The Foundations program can be completed in a class format or in personal training.

  • 4 Week Foundations Program - $255
    The class format of our Foundations program runs three days a week, for four weeks. This unique system is a full spectrum novice CrossFit program. By the time you have completed this series, you will have performed all of the major barbell movements with real weight, and you will have performed several weeks of full intensity CrossFit workouts. You will know how much you can squat, how to properly perform the clean and jerk, and you may even get your first pull-up. Some minimum attendance requirements for completion.
  • PT Foundations Sessions - $90 each
    For individuals who are unable to attend our Foundations class, or who would simply be more comfortable starting in a one one one environment, we also offer our Foundations program in a personal training format. The personal training version of our Foundations program typically requires 6-12 sessions to complete, depending upon the needs of the individual and their ability to absorb the material.

To get started in either version of the Foundations program, you will first need to schedule a free introductory evaluation with one of our trainers.

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