Aerobic Capacity Workouts: 5/26/20-5/31/20

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. In case you missed it on Instagram, this program will now run seven days a week, and we are adding running!

4-6 sets, for Calories
Air Bike 6 minutes, 1 minute rest between sets
-in each set, perform 4 cycles of the following
-30 seconds at moderate pace
-30 seconds at moderate hard pace (+5 RPM)
-30 seconds hard pace (+10 RPM)

4-6 sets
Row 1000 meters, for time
rest 2 minutes

Run 5000 meters, for time

30 x 30 second of work: 30 seconds of rest, for reps
sets 1-10: Air Bike, Calories
sets 11-20: Alternating Single Arm Devil's Press
sets 21-30: Double Unders

Row 4-6 sets, each interval for time:
500 meters at hard pace
500 meters at recovery pace
*maintain consistent pacing on both parts

16-30 sets, on the minute
40 yard Sprint

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