2020 Week 13

Thank you all for your support and help with transitioning our brick and mortar gym into an online fitness community! It’s been pretty cool to

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Ways to Stay Engaged

With the temporary closure of our CFB Box, we are working out the details of how we can continue our fitness journey together. What is

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2020 Week 11

A few more weeks of the current strength cycle, so it’s time to get heavy! Pay attention to how your body is feeling, and if

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2020 Week 10

This week we have a few changes to the strength cycle to keep things fun. We are maintaining the same stimulus, targeted muscles, and intention

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2020 Week 9

HAPPY HOUR THIS FRIDAY AT MOMO’s!!!!! Another week of fun and challenging workouts! This will be the last cycle before we make some minor changes

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2020 Week 8

We are in the middle of our first strength cycle of 2020, so you should be able to start increasing the weights! Once you have

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2020 Week 7

Happy Valentines Day Week! Get ready for some great workouts and our Swolemate workout on Saturday, February 14th. As you feel more comfortable with the

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2020 Week 6

This week we have a line up of great workouts that include a bit of everything. Each day has it’s own challenge and the workouts

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2020 Week 5

The workouts are up! There are a nice variety of workouts this week, and I want to remind everyone that any and all workouts can

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