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Bethesda Barbell

We are very excited to announce the addition of a new program offering. This new program will be available to all of our current Unlimited

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Climbing Back Up!

Our August Rope Climb Workshop was a huge success, but we had a lot of members who said they missed out, due to scheduled vacations.

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Warm it Up!

As coaches, there are a lot of things we sometimes take for granted. During the process of training new students, so much focus is put

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Build Those Skills!

This past week’s Rope Climb Workshop was a huge success. We had several people get their first rope climb, while others made steps along the

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It’s GAMES TIME! The 2021 CrossFit Games will be held in Madison, WI, from July 27th -August 1st. You can check out all of the

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Return of the MACC

We touched down in Knoxville late on Wednesday night. Fortunately, our plane was ahead of schedule, so we managed to make it to the hotel

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Competing in the 2021 AGOQ

This year’s qualifying process for the CrossFit Games offered a number of challenges to the organizers. There were a lot of questions about the ability

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