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Whether you are interested in CrossFit classes, Personal Training, the Barbell Club, or any combination thereof, the first step is to come in for a free introductory evaluation.

During the evaluation, we will assess various aspects of your fitness, including mobility, aerobic capacity, and gymnastic strength.

We will also spend time discussing your personal fitness goals, give you a better understanding of how our programs work, and help you decide which one of our programs is best suited to your needs.

Based upon the results of our evaluation, we can then determine the next steps in getting you onto the path to achieving your goals.

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Testing In

For individuals with at least 6 months of instructed experience in the CrossFit or Olympic style Weightlifting disciplines, we do offer an option to bypass the instructional process, via a Test In.

To pass the Test In, you will need to demonstrate knowledge of and competence in all of the major Weightlifting and/or CrossFit movements, depending upon which program you wish to participate in.

To schedule a Test In with one our Senior Instructors, please email